Welcome. Corter Leather is a super-small, one man operation. Every product is 100% hand made by maker Eric Heins in a small apartment studio in Boston, Massachusetts. Each piece is designed in house, cut by memory, hand punched, and hand sewn. Templates are never made, so no two pieces perfectly alike. 

Custom Orders Due to overwhelming demand of stock items, Corter Leather is not able to take custom orders as of 5.20.2011. 

For available stock, please visit the shop. 

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Email response time can take 1-2 weeks due to workload. If your email can be answered in the FAQ's, it will not be responded to (so check them first!) For the fastest response to small questions, please use Twitter (or Facebook, but that is checked less frequently). Those are the quickest ways to contact me!








Can't thank everyone enough for the support, the emails, the tweets, blog posts, etc...super excited to get a huge batch of Bottle Hooks in the shop for summer. Also designed and orderd- snaps, key rings, and buckles in the works. New website coming in the next couple months as well- just got started on it today. It's going to be a great fall!


An Ode to Brimfield

Twas the night before Brimfield, and all through the house
not a creature was stirring, not even a vintage taxidermy mouse.
But buyers were prepping their box trucks with care
in hopes that inspiration soon would be there.

The customers were nestled all snug in their bed,
while visions of patina'd hardware danced through their heads.
And the interns in lifting belts, the creative directors in vests
awoke in disbelief, "such a long trip from out west!"

When out in the fields there arose such a clatter-
the gates were all open! The Vibram soles patter'd!
Away from their iPhones, they all grabbed their cash,
they logged out of Gmail (but still wish the damn phone supported Flash) 

The flashlights on hems of the fresh chain stitched cuffs
gave luster of old world to newly-made stuff.
When, what to their (highly curated) eyes did appear,
but a porcelain sign with a silhouetted steer.

With a little bit of sanding, some nicks and some grit,
they knew in a minute it was perfect for their schtick.
More rapid than eagles their couriers, they came,
and they paid, and then loaded, and praised their tight game! 

-Me, 3:25am this morning, trying to sleep for a few hours before venturing out. 

The first day of the first Brimfield Antique Show of the year is always a treat. Lots of buyers for big brands, lots of Japanese guys and gals in crazy $600 antique sweaters, sterling silver, and turquoise, and lots of everyday antique and salvage dealers drinking bloody mary's and trading amongst each other early in the morning. It's not only great people watching, but if you get there early enough you see some crazy (crazy, crazy) deals going down. 

I wasn't out amongst the flashlights at 4:30am this morning, but I did get in early to try and beat some of the rain. This year was a bit different than years past- you could tell the dealers knew what would sell this year with the popularity of so many picker and auction shows, so there was tons and tons of advertising stuff everywhere (signs, crates, sacks, trunks, etc) along with a whole slew of cast-iron-industrial-leg'd, salvage-barn-wood-top'd table salesmen (way more than last year). And Edison bulbs- so many fucking Edison bulbs. It was a bit more polished than usual, and the talk amongst older dealers was how cool their new "phone credit card swipey things" were (Square readers). Still, it was really good to get out and see all the awesome stuff and catch up with my favorite dealers as I searched for a few specific things I'm always on the hunt for- this year was the first that I was one of those dudes from a business hunting for inspiration, and I was completely okay with it. 

Only left with a few small things mostly for storage around the shop, as I'll be back later in the week when the weather is better and the second half of the markets open. I'm working on another metal piece, so there was lots of squinting in junk trays and asking around/ following leads for small cast metal advertising pieces. Finds of the day were absolutely the ice house key with the original cast brass split key ring, I'd guess 40's/50's age wise, and the overstitch wheel. I love finding old leatherworking tools.





New Releases pt. 2

Double Bottom Weekend Tote available in the shop now! 3 Colorways available, Nun Red and Digicamo coming soon!


New Releases pt. 1

RFID shielded classic bifolds, 5 colors of cordovan classic bifolds, 4 colors of Horween Chromexcel classic bifolds, and the Field Notes Sleeve in Chestnut Chromexcel are now available in the shop. Totes tomorrow!