Welcome. Corter Leather is a super-small, one man operation. Every product is 100% hand made by maker Eric Heins in a small apartment studio in Boston, Massachusetts. Each piece is designed in house, cut by memory, hand punched, and hand sewn. Templates are never made, so no two pieces perfectly alike. 

Custom Orders Due to overwhelming demand of stock items, Corter Leather is not able to take custom orders as of 5.20.2011. 

For available stock, please visit the shop. 

Contact Information

Email response time can take 1-2 weeks due to workload. If your email can be answered in the FAQ's, it will not be responded to (so check them first!) For the fastest response to small questions, please use Twitter (or Facebook, but that is checked less frequently). Those are the quickest ways to contact me!







Interviews and News


So it's been a little while since I've last updated. Moving in has gone smoothly, and I've been pumping out wallets like mad. I've also been scanning film from the summer and posting that on my personal website, www.EricHeins.com. This site is next on my list, I hope to have it done and ready to launch in about a week (it's always the last thing on the list, I'm sorry!). Meanwhile, I recently did an interview on creativity for a friend's Grad School study, posted after the jump.


A Quick Break

The past couple days, I've been packing up and preparing to move to my new apartment. I'll be moving from Allston, MA to Brighton, MA...or about 1 mile out of the road, and still about 5 miles out of downtown Boston.
My room mate moved out Thursday, back to CT. I helped her move, and then promptly sat in the middle of the floor and cried for a while. This was the first time I've really had a good cry since I was a kid, and it took me completely by surprise. I've been doing a lot of thinking about our time in our place since then, and thought I'd share a bit with yall.

I'm almost done working on the new site! Thanks to everyone for being so patient. The plan is to get the content posted, then tweak the appearance to my liking in the next week or so. While I do have a design degree burning a whole in my pocket, I'm really no website coder, so I'm slowly but surely teaching myself how to modify this lovely template here to make it perfect for us. I programed in a nice gallery last night! Off to make about 8 belts and drop off film at the photo place, lots of images from cape cod to come (not of wallets...just of cape cod).

New Site in the works! for now, please visit corterleather.bigcartel.com for the old site, and send emails to corterleather (at) gmail (dot) com
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