Welcome. Corter Leather is a super-small, one man operation. Every product is 100% hand made by maker Eric Heins in a small apartment studio in Boston, Massachusetts. Each piece is designed in house, cut by memory, hand punched, and hand sewn. Templates are never made, so no two pieces perfectly alike. 

Custom Orders Due to overwhelming demand of stock items, Corter Leather is not able to take custom orders as of 5.20.2011. 

For available stock, please visit the shop. 

Contact Information

Email response time can take 1-2 weeks due to workload. If your email can be answered in the FAQ's, it will not be responded to (so check them first!) For the fastest response to small questions, please use Twitter (or Facebook, but that is checked less frequently). Those are the quickest ways to contact me!







The first non-leather piece, the Bottlehook, will be available soon. They were designed in shop, then engineered and cast out in CA. I'm extremely pleased with these final samples that just came in and they'll be what the final product looks like for sure. Huge thanks to Ted at Symmetry Goods for the casting connect! 



Summer Colors


RFID wallets soon!

It's hard to get tech-y with leather work, mostly because I'm not super tech-y myself. However, the RFID chips making their way into our wallets created an opportunity to make a new wallet that protected against the scanners that some people use to steal info. Most importantly, it offered an opportunity to try and make this wallet as good as possible- I'm not a big fan of the solid aluminum wallet look. Here it is- for this one, there's a small peak through slot revealing the stainless steel fabric that I've sourced which offers the protection. Without this slot, the wallet would be unrecognizeably as different from any other I make. 


From the Shop

Only a couple more days of getting caught up on orders from February with the whole hand fiasco. Blurry eyes and 14 hour work days the past two weeks, stocking 4 new shops , Confirmed Stock in Baltimore, and getting ready for summer so I don't sell out and have to shut down the shop like the past 2 summers. 26 hides came in last week and the belts from them are already almost sold out- so crazy. Also used the last of the navy for one more batch of the winter special card wallets, they'l lbe in the shop tomorrow and the summer colorway will be available soon along with this year's tie-dye, totes (finally!), and more cordovan everything. 




A visit to Rudy (top) and Emma (bottom), Miss Corter's childhood pups